Empty (Blank) Visual Studio Solution

We start by creating an empty solution (Blank Solution) in Visual Studio. The solutions in Visual Studio combine a group of projects. This opportunity is very convenient, when we want to work on a few projects and switch quickly between them or we want to unite logically a few interconnected projects.

In the current practical exercise, we will use a Blank Solution with a couple of projects to organize the solutions of the tasks from the exercises – every task in a separate project and all of them in a common solution.

  • We start Visual Studio
  • We create a new Blank Solution: [File] -> [New] -> [Project].

We choose from the templates -> [Other Project Types] -> [Visual Studio Solutions] -> [Blank Solution] and we give an appropriate name of the project, for example “Simple-Calculations”:

Now we have created an empty Visual Studio Solution (with 0 projects in it):

The purpose of this blank solution is to add a project per problem from the exercises.

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