Chapter 6.2. Nested Loops – Exam Problems

In the previous chapter we introduced nested loops and how to use them to draw different kinds of figures on the console. Now we shall solve a few exam problems to gain more experience.

Nested Loops – Quick Review

We learned how to print figures with different sizes, thinking of an appropriate logic to construct them using single and nested for loops in combination with various calculations and program logic:

for (var r = 1; r <= 5; r++)
   for (var c = 1; c < 5; c++)
      Console.Write(" *");

We also learned about the new string constructor, which lets you print a character a number of times defined by us:

string printMe = new string('*', 5);

Exam Problems

Let's solve several exam problems related to nested loops to practice what we learned and to further develop our algorithmic thinking:

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