Debugging – Simple Operations with Debugger

So far, we wrote a lot of code, and there were some mistakes in it, right? Now we will show a tool that can help us find mistakes more easily: the debugger.

Video: Debugging Code in Visual Studio

Watch the video lesson about debugging code in Visual Studio:

What is "Debugging"?

Debugging is the process of "attaching" to the program execution, which allows us to track step by step the process. We can track line by line what happens in our program, what path it follows, what are the values of defined variables at each step of debugging, and many other things that allow us to detect errors (bugs).

Debugging in Visual Studio

By pressing the [F10] button, we run the program in debug mode. We move to the next line again with [F10].

With [F9] we create the so-called breakpoints, that we can reach directly using [F5] when we start the program.

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