The book "Programming Basics" is the official book for the Programming Basics course at Software University (SoftUni): It introduce readers with writing a program code at the initial level (basic coding skills), working with development environment (IDE), using variables and data, operators and expressions , working with console (reading input data and printing results), using conditional constructions (if, if-else , switch-case), loops (for, while ,do-while, foreach) and methods (declaring and invoking methods, submitting parameters, and returning value). The programming language C # and the development environment Visual Studio are used. The curriculum provides basic training for a deeper study of programming and prepares readers for the entrance exam in SoftUni.

This book only gives you the first steps to programming. It covers very basic skills you have to develop for years to reach a level enough to start working as a programmer

The book is also used as unofficial textbook for school programming courses in professional gimnasies, studying the professions "Programmer", "Practical programmer" and "System programmer", as well as an additional training tool in the initial programming courses at secondary schools, mathematical and professional high schools, with profile "Informatics and Information Technologies".

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