Example: Rectangle Made of N x N Stars

Write a program that gets a positive integer n and prints on the console a rectangle made out of N x N stars.

Input Output Input Output Input Output
2 **
3 ***
4 ****

Video: Rectangle of N x N Stars

Watch this video lesson to learn how to print a rectangle of N x N stars on the console using nested for-loops: https://youtu.be/9sB4Z2TI1AE.

Hints and Guidelines

This is sample solution, which uses a single loop, holding a command to print n stars:

You may also use nested for-loops: outer loop 1..n for the rows and inner loop 1…n for the columns, which prints a single star.

Testing in the Judge System

Test your solution here: https://judge.softuni.org/Contests/Practice/Index/512#1.

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