Study Software Engineering in Your Own Way

Another possibility to develop after this book is to continue studying programming outside of SoftUni. You can enroll or subscribe to video trainings that go into more details in programming with C# or other languages and development platforms. You can read books on programming and software technologies, follow online tutorials and other online resources – there are plenty of free materials on the Internet. However, keep in mind that the most important thing towards the profession of a programmer is to do practical projects!

You cannot become a programmer without a lot of code writing and intense practicing. Allocate sufficient time to it. You cannot become a programmer for a month or two. On the Internet you will find a wide variety of free resources, such as books, manuals, video lessons, online and on-site courses on programming and software development. However, you need to invest at least a year or two to acquire a foundation level, needed for starting a job.

After you gain some experience, find a way to start an internship in a company (which will be almost impossible unless you'd spent at least a year of intense code writing before that) or come up with your own practical project, on which you need to spend a few months, even a year, in order to learn based on the trial-and-error principle.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to become a programmer, but they all have something in common: intense code writing and years of practice!

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