Recommended Resources for Developers

A huge amount of resources is available on the Web for developers: online trainings, courses, tutorials, books, interactive training sites, etc.

We can not mention all of them, because they change over the time and because the list might be huge. What we recommend is to join the developer communities in your region, because this will help you a lot when you study.

Online Communities for Beginners in Programming

Regardless of the path you have chosen, if you are seriously involved in programming, we recommend subscribing to specialized online forums, discussion groups and communities, from which you can get assistance by your colleagues and track the novelties in the software industry.

If you will study programming seriously, surround yourselves with people who are involved in programming seriously. Join communities of software developers, attend software conferences, go to events for programmers, find friends with whom you can talk about programming and discuss problems and bugs, find environment that can help you. In most large towns there are free events for programmers, a few times a week. In smaller localities you have the Internet and an access to the entire online community.

Here are some recommended resources that will be useful for your development as a programmer:

  • – the official page for SoftUni’s self-paced Software Developer programs and open courses.
  • – official Facebook page of SoftUni. By it you will learn regarding new courses, seminars and events related to programming and software development.
  • – official website of the books "Programming Basics" with C#, Java, JavaScript, and Python by Dr. Svetlin Nakov and his team. The books examine in-depth programming basics, basic data structures and algorithms, object-oriented programming, and other basic skills, and are an excellent recommendation for reading after the current book. However, besides reading, you need to do intense code writing, do not forget that!
  • https://stackoverflow.comStack Overflow is one of the widest discussion forums for programmers worldwide, where you will find assistance for any possible question in the world of programming. If you are fluent in English, look up at StackOverflow and ask your questions there.
  • https://www.udemy.comUdemy is one of the biggest marketplaces for technical trainings, offered free or at affordable prices.
  • – look for tech meetups around your city and involve in communities that you like. Most of the tech meetups are free and newbies are welcome.

Good Luck to All!

On behalf of the entire authors' team, we wish you endless success in the profession and in your life! We will be really happy if we have helped you get passionate about programming and we have inspired you to go bravely towards becoming a "software engineer", which will bring you a good job that you will work with pleasure, give you a quality life and prosperity, as well as amazing perspectives for development and possibilities for making impressive projects with inspiration and passion.

Sofia, September 1, 2019

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